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Credit Card Payments

Posted by mxs on 28th June 20167 Comments

Sometime ago we integrated the STRIPE payments system as precursor to the ever increasing security requirements required by the Payment Cards Industry (PCI).

We believed this to be the best way to provide members of the B&B Owners Association with online payment capture and minimise fraud.

As of today STRIPE is the ONLY way that members can take online payment as we are now required to stop the practice of providing credit card information to B&B Owners.

It is well proven now that most credit card fraud is due to the lack of security on desktop PCs mostly in the for of malware, trojans or viruses.

For members that have relied on accessing credit card data via their admin panels we would suggest that you sign up for STRIPE in the appropriate section of your admin panel – simply click the “Connect with Stripe” button to register – You will need your Bank Account Number.

It takes 2-3 mins to obtain an account – there are no registration fees and it cost nothing if you don’t use it. Once you register, STRIPE inform us and your virtual terminal will appear next time you login.

Most of the following functions are one or two clicks

  • Collection of Full Amount on Confirmation
  • Collection of a defined % Deposit upon Confirmation
  • Collection of Full Amount or Deposit on Departure
  • Virtual Terminal for entering credit card payments
  • Virtual Terminal can also be used by typing or pasting in a Booking Reference Number – this will not display credit card details but will automatically debit the guest associated with that Ref. No.
  • Collection of Cancellation and No Show Fees

All money is transferred to your bank account 7 days after transaction at no extra charge.