Widen your internet presence for free – with Last Minute Deals

Posted by mxs on 12th December 20162 Comments

All members of the B&B Owners Association have the ability to set up last minute deals and special offers. The new booking system will also automate this process by discounting any rooms that are not sold as the arrival date approaches. How will this help you get more business?
Very simple really – we provide additional promotion for any member that has set up a last minute deal or special offer. Most of our websites highlight these at the top of the page – here’s a sample page from our website Book a B&B…..


Additionally we have a number of websites branded “Red Dot Deals” heres an example from www.reddotdeals.com……..

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  1. How do I get my BnB included in this promotion – I am not clear from the article what I have to do??

  2. mxs says:

    Hi Janet
    You are using the new room rates and room availability module
    LAST MINUTE DEALS – In you admin panel click on the Rooms & Rates button at the top – your rooms calendar will appear – click on any date and then click the Rate and Discount tab – here you can set up discounts with a great deal of flexibility.
    SPECIAL OFFERS – from the top menu elect Rooms & Rates – your rooms calendar will appear – click on the offers tab then click the + sign to add an offer.

    Michael B&B Owners Association

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