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New Tutorial for the new My B&B Dashboard

Posted by mxs on 12th June 2017No Comments

For many of you, you room rates and data has been transferred to our new calendar display system. The data has lead to some inaccuracies on your webpages and web sites.
A new tutorial on how to set up rooms and rates is now available

You can find it here

All new info leaflets can be downloaded here

The new system will minimise your workload by showing your availability and minimising bookings for rooms that are not available.

This also means that others in your area will have the opportunity to fulfil bookings

New “My B&B” Admin Panel

Posted by mxs on 6th June 2017No Comments

From now on we shall be calling the My B&B Admin Panel – the “My B&B Dashboard” – just to bring it into line with current Internet terminology.

We have now released a new dashboard that will provide mobile phone and tablet users a better user experience. During the transition from old to new, members can use either but as we add additional features to the new dashboard, the old will become redundant.

The new dashboard can be found on

  • To connect directly from the OLD to the NEW – you can click the “New” icon in the bottom menu
  • To connect directly from the NEW to the OLD – you can click on “Use Classic Dashboard” on the top right of your screen

Please report any problems to