Commission and Online Travel Agents

Posted by mxs on 18th August 20172 Comments

Many members are very concerned about their profitability with the large commission levels charged by OTAs such as b**

Additionally, this is forcing up room rates for those that use this service, making them less competitive against those B&Bs that don’t.

Depending on membership full or associate our typical levels of commission are either FREE or 6%

Help us make your B&B more profitable by encouraging you guests to find you on “Book a B&B” our main website that promotes all members. Using the term “Book a B&B” will help too as people search for what’s on their lips. The little graphic below can be copied and printed for you to give to you guests or display in your rooms – every little helps

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  1. John Thibeau says:

    I am looking for a web site to be created for our Guest House B&B. We are now a member but not at the full member level. Please let me know what is the next step. Thank you.

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