Stripe Virtual Credit Card Terminal

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I receive 3 or 4 emails a week asking about the Stripe payments system.

There is a short tutorial available via your “My B&B Dashboard” but here is the link to it

Using Stripe takes 2-3 minutes to set up, has NO monthly charges and can save you hundreds by replacing your electronic Credit Card Terminal


Michael – B&B Owners Association

New Super Fast Directories

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As part of our CDP (Continuous Development Programme) we are current rolling out our new super fast directories. These have been completely redesigned to meet the demands of todays technology users. They work equally well on smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop PCs.

Here’s a couple of  examples:  –

There are currently 24 websites in this development programme from New Zealand to Europe to Canada and the USA – they are all designed to enhance the online presence of our members and make you more visible to guests. Additionally, we shall be launching our guests “Blue Circle Club” that will allow guests to find a B&B and the make a booking with one click “Amazon style”.

These new websites will carry advertising, special offers and last minute deals to give your B&B more presence

  • Small Button adverts at the top of the home page to promote your B&B
  • Text adverts at the top of the home page to promote your B&B
  • Members Special Offers or Last Minute Deals at the top of the page

We are very happy to develop a website for you town or region at no charge – all we ask is that it features at least 12 B&Bs that have signed up as members of the B&B Owners Association. Send an email to if you are interested.

B&B Owners Association Certificate

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If you would like a personalised membership certificate that you can printout and frame – please email



Small Changes to My B&B Dashboard

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Room & Rates Calendar – from your support team

Due to feed back from members we have made some subtle changes to the way you can manage each bed night on the calendar.

Click any available bed night (room/date) as shown below……..

and a pop up box will give you THREE choices

  1. ADD A BOOKING – this allows you to add a booking from 3rd parties, telephone or email booking. It will then update your website or webpage to show this room/date is sold. It also displays on your calendar with the guest name and adds them to you arrival/departure page.
  2. CHANGE OR DISCOUNT ROOM RATE – this is a very powerful tool as it allows you to:-
    • Change the rate for any day or period e.g. seasonal rates, bank holidays or events in your locality
    • Set a discount for a day or period – this can be used to sell last minute rooms and any discounts up to 15 days hence are marked as Last Minute on our website and the B&B featured at the top of the page.
    • You can change the minimum stay at busy times e.g. min stay 3 nights in high season
    • You can apply an different rate for any day of the week e.g. increased rate for weekends (Fri & Sat)
    • You can disallow under occupancy for any date or period e.g. room can’t be sold as a single in high season.
  3. BLOCK DATES – This allows you to block off any room or all rooms for a given date or period. On your website or webpage this shows that room(s) are not available for the period selected – you can use this when you are closed for holidays, family illness or for any reason you wish. Just be careful and always check the changes on your website/webpage.

Please feel free to comment on this article but if you want a quick response from us please email

B&B Owners Facilities

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We have had a number of requests this year from guests that wish to bring their dogs and we have been unable to help them – Therefore, we have added “Do you allow dogs” to the Account Settings section of the new “My B&B” Dashboard – This section also allows you to customise your account. Over the Autumn & Winter months we will be adding these to your online presence i.e. websites for full members and webpages for Associates

  • Services you offer – WiFi etc
  • Change your Mobile and numbers / email + Add Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Set Booking Notification by SMS Text, Browser PUSH (notifications of bookings when using your browser) – Automatically confirm bookings if your calendar shows availability – set automatic discount for unsold rooms 15 days hence
  • Set automatic % deposit if you have a Stripe account

If you have any more ideas you wish us to incorporate – send feedback to

Talking to our members on the phone – many do not appreciate we are here to help you all get profitable business from the Internet – that’s our day job. To keep ahead we have to make changes from time to time – we don’t do this lightly as many don’t like change but we are not complacent and would never leave our members trailing others in the fast moving technology world.

Commission and Online Travel Agents

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Many members are very concerned about their profitability with the large commission levels charged by OTAs such as b**

Additionally, this is forcing up room rates for those that use this service, making them less competitive against those B&Bs that don’t.

Depending on membership full or associate our typical levels of commission are either FREE or 6%

Help us make your B&B more profitable by encouraging you guests to find you on “Book a B&B” our main website that promotes all members. Using the term “Book a B&B” will help too as people search for what’s on their lips. The little graphic below can be copied and printed for you to give to you guests or display in your rooms – every little helps

New website for DINGLE Ireland

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Due to our policy of developing websites for specific regions if the membership warrants it, we have just launched for our 30 members in the Dingle Peninsula Area.
remember this is to help you get commission free or low cost bookings, so please help us promote this on social medial by mentioning this new website in your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

B&B owners – NOTIFICATION OF BOOKINGS and Other News

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We now notify that a booking has arrived in 3 different ways

  1. BY EMAIL – not the most reliable
  2. BY SMS TEXT – not available in all countries
  3. BY PUSH TECHNOLOGY – if you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers to surf the web, you will receive a notification that a booking has arrived (Sadly not available on Apple Safari browser at this time) – when you logon to My B&B you will be asked if you wish to receive Push Notifications – approve if you wish to use this facility

Always the best way is to “Bookmark” in you browser and check bookings daily.

Always process bookings in My B&B FIRST as these will most likely carry the lowest commission and for full members they are commission free.


The old admin panel will not be supported for much longer but you may continue to use it if you prefer.

When you login to MY B&B you will automagically be taken to to the new dashboard but you can click on “Use Classic Dashboard” at the top right of the page


The new Rooms & Rates calendar has been carefully designed to be backwards compatible with the old system. As long as the rooms are setup correctly and any single occupancy allocated to a double or twin room – the system will work much the same as it did before except when you confirm a booking it will show that room(s) as “Sold” – If you’re short of time, there is no need to add 3rd party bookings, these rooms will stay “Unsold” until you get a booking request and will show as “Sold” if you DECLINE the booking. You can add any booking manually to any room simply by clicking on the “Bed Night” (Room/date).

If you need help or find any part of the new system a little unclear please email us on – If you need telephone support we can now show you how to carry out a function on our website whilst we talk to you.




My B&B Dashboard – Statistics

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We’ve added the following statistics to your dashboard (

  • Graph: Number of bookings received per MONTH v previous YEAR


  • Pie Chart: Number of bookings confirmed, declined, ignored or cancelled over previous 12 months


  • List: % Nationality or Country of guests
  • Coloured Box: Summary of bookings
  • Graph: Value of Booking received by MONTH v previous YEAR
  • Pie Chart: Value of bookings confirmed, declined, ignored or cancelled over previous 12 months
  • List: Top Guest’s Countries by Booking Value
  • Coloured Box: Summary of the value of bookings today
  • Graphs: Showing monthly and annual visitors to your webpage/website in the past 4 years.
  • List: Top websites directing visitors to your webpage/website
  • Pie Charts: Number of Guests per booking and number of nights per booking
  • List: Time between Booking & Arrival
  • Graph: Month booking received v month of arrival

We hope this information will help with your online marketing – it will help determine the “sweet spot” when you can increase your room rates to match demand.

AS well as good performance these stats will highlight bad performance – there are a few things we can do to help and we can advise on how you can help yourself but on a local level, demand is generated by awareness and/or need.

The network of websites operated by the B&B Owners Association belongs to you the members – help us help you by linking to or mentioning our websites to your guests.

STRIPE Payments terminal on your smartphone

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Using your smartphone Internet browser (Safari or Chrome) log on to and tap on STRIPE in the menu.

This displays your STRIPE Virtual Terminal

  • You can then use you smartphone as a credit card terminal – use it anywhere you have a WiFi or phone signal
  • There are NO monthly charges and can replace your costly electronic terminal
  • The terminal automatically checks for fraudulent, lost or stolen cards, providing you with a high level of security
  • Take payment for anything not just bookings – i.e. packed lunch, bike hire or extras
  • Type in a B&B Owners Association Booking Reference Number and the terminal will take payment with one click
  • Makes life even easier for collecting payment for No Shows” or from those walking out without paying
  • From the bookings section you can take payment without typing in credit card details – same as on a laptop or PC
  • Use it to validate a guests card prior to arrival or for bookings placed months before arrival

This all part of our aim to cut the cost of bookings and processing payments from guests