Apology – Ignoring Bookings

By | August 4, 2016

To all B&B Owners Association Members

I must offer a sincere apology about the last news item. It was not meant as personal criticism of any of our members and I’m so sorry if you were offended by the tone of the newsletter.

There are B&Bs that consistently ignore bookings and these members will removed from our service over time, particularly if we get complaints from guests.

We work very hard to deliver bookings at a minimal cost to our members and from time to time we get a little frustrated when bookings are ignored.

We also realise that emails are not always the best form of communication and we introduced SMS texting some time ago advise of bookings directly to you mobile phones – if you currently do not avail of their service and would like to, please advise us.

Since the introduction of our mobile site we have seen a 20% increase in bookings and it may mean that members that had little or no bookings from us in the past have suddenly found a new audience – http://m.book-a-bnb.com – Every member has a mobile page with full booking facilities and we hope you will all direct your guests to the Book a B&B website to allow guests that book by mobile phone to have access to your B&B.

Here’s an example of a members mobile page http://m.book-a-bnb.com/harbour-inn-bnb-larne.html

Find your own mobile URL on http://m.book-a-bnb.com and promote it yourself – don’t miss out on mobile bookings.

Thanks for reading this

Michael – B&B Owners Association










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