“Bed 4 the Night”

By | January 15, 2020

Update for those members offering at least one room without breakfast ie. “Bed 4 the Night”

We have now added a Bed 4 the Night page to our Ring of Kerry Website

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be adding this feature to all of our regional websites in Ireland.

This will allow those that want to compete with Airbnb properties a platform on our established websites without commission and the outrageous Airbnb service charge.


2 thoughts on ““Bed 4 the Night”

  1. Marianne Begley

    Great idea! Thank you. Yes we would like to be added as a Bed 4 the Night member.
    Blooming Wildflower Cottage
    132 The Wood.
    Dingle, County Kerry.
    Marianne Begley

    1. mxs Post author

      Just add at least one room via your dashboard and tick “No Breakfast”


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