New Membership Features for 2020

By | December 19, 2019

As market trends change, we have to change with them. Often we have been the first to introduce new ideas and minimise the cost to B&B Owners.
However, the trends created by the presence of AirBnB has forced many B&B Owners to offer rooms without breakfast to compete effectively.
To meet this trend any member that sets up a room in their dashboard as “room only” or “without breakfast” will benefit from the promotion of these on a separate section our regional websites. The first website to feature this new approach will be

Full members with their own website will be able to mix offerings based on B&B or Room Only.

In the new year, we will launch “Bed 4 the Night” ( that will feature our members’ room only offers. Unlike AirBnB we will not charge commission or a service fee but a simple €5 booking fee allowing both our members and their guests a better deal.
We will still promote bed and breakfast as the best value accommodation as you will see on the new Killarney Insight B&B section

Any questions to support please.

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