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By | November 23, 2015

Definition: “Bed Night” = a room on a specific night or date
Those members that use the new Room Availability Module should note that bookings from 3rd parties are easily added to you calendar by simply clicking on a “bed night” in the calendar and adding at least the guests name.
This will ensure that your real availability is always shown on your website (full members) and on your webpage (Associate members)

By clicking the “bed night” you can also:-

  • Add a booking received by by telephone, email or fax
  • block off dates for any or all rooms for a single day or period e.g. you may be closed over Christmas
  • Apply discounts or special rates to any “bed nights” e.g. Major event in the locality

Additionally, in your website options you can apply an automatic discount to a “bed night” if it is not sold prior to an arrival date 15 days hence (This is displayed as a Last Minute Deal)

We are working on a full tutorial for this new booking engine but if you have any questions email

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