STRIPE Payment Gateway – How is it?

By | November 2, 2016

The Stripe payments system has be installed for 3 years now and we’re very keen to hear feed back from our members on its good points and bad points.
Please add your comments to this post either negative or positive on how you find using it.
Also for those that have not added the STRIPE Payment Gateway to the admin panel, we welcome any questions on the benefits of STRIPE and how easy it is to use.
It costs nothing to apply and there are no monthly charges – don’t use it and it costs you nothing.
paymentsbystripeThe single benefit that members have stated in feedback is how transparent it is in use – allowing them to take full amount, deposit or balance with just one click.
The virtual terminal is also a favourite, allowing all members to take payment by credit card without the need for a merchant account or PCI compliance.

2 thoughts on “STRIPE Payment Gateway – How is it?

  1. john

    Although we haven’t used the integrated Stripe Payments gateway, we regularly use our own Stripe account which allows us to process payments using the virtual terminal. It’s very simple to use, charges are reasonable, and there are many features which we find useful. We have processed payments from a wide range of credit and debit cards, including some rather obscure and unheard of cards presented by guests from the United States. Every payment we have processed on every valid card regardless of type has been successful. This is absolutely the best way to accept credit card payments for enterprises with small-volume or seasonal business.

  2. mxs Post author

    For those that already have a STRIPE account – it is very simple to integrate it into your “My B&B” admin panel – make sure you are logged on to your STRIPE dashboard and open another tab in your browser and then logon to https://my-bnb.con – navigate to the STRIPE section and click the “Connect Stripe” button – next time you logon yo will be able to take payments for bookings with one click


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