Stripe Seamless Payments

By | May 9, 2019

When a guest has a credit card replaced or a new card issued – Stipe is informed by the issuing bank and updates the card information stored for that guest. Since the introduction of this service by VISA, Discovery and MasterCard, B&B Owners have had seamless payments even though the guest has had a change of their card details. These days, the banks quickly detect the fraudulent use of credit cards, inform the user, replace their card and inform payment partners.

Interestingly, Stripe has caught only two cases of fraudulent card use on the B&B Owner’s payments system in the first quarter of 2019. Down over 70% on the same period last year.

Our decision to partner with Stripe for our payment system has been an overwhelming success. It has provided a simple (one click) way of taking payment and has provided a safety net for those B&B Owners that have had ‘no-shows’ or guests that leave without paying. I would encourage those members that have not signed up to do so.

Guests that use the Blue Circle Club website for booking have the advantage of one-click booking too, as we store the personal details, Stripe stores their card information and they never have to enter booking forms again. The B&B Owners Association at work!