STRIPE Virtual Terminal

By | July 9, 2015

There are NO monthly charges with the STRIPE Virtual Terminal (VT) and you can use it to process credit card payments with or without the card.

The graphic below shows the default VT – you can type credit card details into this, the money will be collected by STRIPE and forwarded to your banks account. You can also use the VT to authorise cards – this reserves €1 or £1 on the guests card to test for validity but is refunded automatically.



The STRIPE VT also allows B&B Owners to recover money from “No Shows” or from guests that leave without paying plus the payment for any booking can be taken simply by typing in the Booking Reference number – details of the guests stay and the amount are automatically entered when you tab or click on the next box with your mouse – Click on the graphic below show to see how this time saver works.


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