The B&B Owner and Credit Card Fraud

By | January 23, 2017

The B&B Owners Association have protected it’s members from over 25 attempts at credit card fraud over the past month. Guests are asked to provide their Credit Card details and these are checked by our card processor STRIPE for validity in co-operation with Banks and Card Providers. Most of our members have the option to sign up for STRIPE in their ‘My B&B’ admin panel so they too can benefit from secure credit card processing – just click on STRIPE in the top menu. All of our portals, directories, regional websites and members websites hosted by us are SSL certified and encrypted – along with STRIPE this now provides B&B Owners with one of the safest booking environments possible for their guests.

2 thoughts on “The B&B Owner and Credit Card Fraud

  1. Maureen Flynn

    I have been using STRIPE for a few years now and find it very very reliable and secure. I would strongly recommend it. Their fees are also very low.

  2. Teresa Grady

    I would agree with Maureen, STRIPE is great we have been using them for about 4 years and find it very easy to use
    And great value, and secure,


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