The Benefit of Banner Advertising

By | February 1, 2016

aboutbannersAll of our 50+ websites carry banner advertising that promotes our members and provides a clickable link to their webpage or website. See Ashville Guesthouse left. This provides additional visitors to your website directly. Typically each banner gets up to 1 million views a year and if the message is right can produce 5 -10 thousand additional visitors to your website annually. Because we represent B&B Owners the cost of these banners is kept to a bare minimum so that the advertising costs are quickly paid for by the aboutbanners2additional business.
We also incorporate button ads into our pages (see left arrow in the graphic) and promote special offers totally free (see properties in the centre) – you can add these in your admin panel.

● Banner ads are £200 a year or £60 – 3 months

● Button ads are £60 a year or £35 – 6 months

● The promotion of your Special Offers is FREE

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