Tips for users of the new Booking Engine

By | April 26, 2016

For those of you that have adopted the new booking engine / availability module here are a few tips to help you get the best out of the booking system and help with profitability.

Showing true availability on your own website will result in more direct & profitable bookings.

  1. SEASONAL & WEEKEND RATES: To set up seasonal rates – go to Room & Rates and click on the date you want the new rate to start >> click the blue tab “Rate & Discount” >> You can then change the rate (or apply a discount) for one day or period >> if for a period clock “End Date” and select the date. You can also apply this to certain days of the week by selecting them at the bottom (green is active) – e.g. you could set a new rat for July say and just apply the new rate to Fridays or Saturdays. This can also be used if you wish to increase your rates temporarily for local events. In this setup you can also apply a minimum nights stay e.g.. for public holidays or long weekends.
  2. AVOIDING DOUBLE BOOKINGS: If your website shows availability using this calendar, bookings will be confirmed immediately and automatically saving you loads of time. However, it is essential to add bookings from 3rd parties so these rooms are show as sold on your website. We have made this process as simple as possible. Using the same procedure as above >> go to Rooms & Rates and click on the date >> the booking tab comes up >> enter the departure date (if booking for more than one night) and type in the Guests name as a minimum. This will show that room as sold and include that Guest in your daily arrivals and departures list. Those owners with STRIPE accounts cannot take payment with one click for 3rd party booking but can use the Virtual Terminal to take payment.
  3. LAST MINUTE DEALS: Automatic discounting for unsold rooms – a fixed discount (your choice) can be applied to all room rates for rooms that are not sold 15 days prior to arrival. B&B Owners using this facility are marked with a red last minute tag on all of our directories, portals and regional websites. To switch this facility on go to “Website Options” and click on “Auto Discount” type in you discount rate and this will be applied automatically throughout the year.
  4. We now have a short line of code for those wishing to use the new booking engine on independent websites. Please email if you would like this code.

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