B&B Owners Association - The 'My B&B' Dashboard


The dashboard (https://my-bnb.com) is designed to manage your room rates & bookings but also contains some handy marketing tools, a virtual credit card terminal and statistics on your website bookings performance (Advertisers can only monitor Click throughs).

Each member has a mobile friendly dashboard with the following features:-

  • Secure on-line dashboard to manage rooms, rates and bookings
  • Home Page displays new bookings, todays arrivals & departures, 7 day occupancy calendar and the last two news items.
  • Bookings Section shows new bookings, arrival, departures, current scheduled booking and history (last 12 months)
  • Rooms & Rates Section: Allow you to add or remove rooms displayed, set up base rates, single / reduced occupancy rates, seasonal rates, event rates and special offers.
  • The rooms / rates calendar shows occupancy and can be scrolled backwards and forwards
  • Reviews Section to view, monitor and approve reviews (from https://bnb-reviews.com).
  • Account Settings | vicinity to air & ferry ports | activities | facilities. Amend tel, mobile and email addresses | add FaceBook & Instagram details | setup SMS text notification of bookings | setup Auto-confirm of bookings & Automatic last minute discounts for unsold rooms | Setup % Deposit | Change B&B owners details
  • Statistics: Charts and graphs showing - number & value of bookings | Guests Nationality by % | Declined or cancelled bookings | Value by country | comparison with previous years | cost per booking | Website / page visitor numbers and conversion ratios | source of bookings | Guests per booking
  • Set of downloadable tutorials to help you get the best out of your membership
  • Emergency Email Form | Help section | One to One Tuition Access | Emergency booking cancellation (in case of family or personal reasons)
  • Access to the B&B Owners Association Newsletter
  • The B&B Owners Association Privacy Policy