B&B Owners Association - FAQs

  • Membership Question: Do I have to be a registered B&B?
  • Answer: No there is no requirement to be registered and no registration fees means a BIG savings.
  • Membership Question: What's the cheapest way to become a member?
  • Answer: Associate Members pay nothing up front just 7% commission (as a booking fee) taken from the guests credit card when a booking is confirmed (the balance payable directly to the B&B) - There is NO paperwork, NO monthly commission bills and in fact, we never ask you for a penny. You can even take payment immediately on booking (or a deposit), on arrival or departure.
    If you are in a busy tourist area you may find that Full Membership works out a far cheaper option.
  • Stipe Question: What is Stripe Payments System?
  • Answer: Stripe payments processing is a simple and powerful way to accept secure payments online. The B&B Owners Association has fully integrated the Stripe payments system into the B&B Owners dashboard and a Deposit or Full Amount for bookings can be taken with a single click. If you have a "No Show" just click the no show button and take what you are owed.
    Sign up for a Stripe account and use it instantly. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. We even provide a free terminal (available on your tablet or smart phone for convenience) so that you can take payment from anyone anytime.
  • Advertise Question: Can I just advertise on your websites with a link to my own website.?
  • Answer: Yes, we have a Pay for Clicks programme that allows non-members to appear in all our portals & directories and when a guest click on your property, it send them directly to you website or booking service. Typically this would provide you in excess of TWO THOUSAND extra visitors every year. More info........
  • B&B Website Developer Question: I need a new website for my B&B - can you help.?
  • Answer: Yes we have several options.
    Full Members are provided with a website, domain name, hosting and annual renewal as part of their membership package.
    • We can provide a stand alone website using your existing domain name
    • We can work with your existing webmaster - provide code for booking engine etc...
    • You can just advertise your existing website - We can improve you search engine optimisation and much more - call us on 064 6676100
  • Full Membership Question: What is the main benefit of full membership?
  • Answer: Full Members that pay an annual membership fee get COMMISSION FREE BOOKINGS
    •We provide B&B owners with their own fully responsive website
    • It is your website to promote as you wish - by email, social media, business cards, search engine listings
    • Built in Booking Engine & Room Availability Calendar
    • Mobile Friendly: works equally well with mobile phones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PC's
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & incoming links to ensure fast popularity & page ranking
    • Reciprocal links to and from other members websites strengthening your SEO further
    • Automatically displays your most recent 4 and 5 star reviews
    • Up to 9 photos to help the guest with a visual choice
    • Display your B&B on Google maps and Google Business
    • Just one click to Accept, Decline a booking or take Payment
    • Your phone number, email and locational map are provided to guests
  • Blue Circle Club B&B Question: What is The Blue Circle Club?
  • Blue Circle Club Answer: The Blue Circle Club is a unique club for B&B Guests, where they can book directly with a B&B Owners Association Member without having to enter their data again and again (one click booking), check out special offers, last minute deals & discounts, plan & printout their itinerary with locational maps and much more... BCC club also has a gateway for travel agents where they can book a B&B with small discounts determined by the B&B owners - all guests booking through our vast network of portals & directories are invited to join or opt in automatically - Blue Circle Club