B&B Website design

Ireland B&B Owners Association
Web Design Service

Our team have been designing websites for B&Bs since 1996 and have seen many technological changes in the functionality of the Internet and the devices used to access it. A properly functional website is essential to provide guests with information and the ability to book directly. If some 'lands' on your website question why you would divert that to another site to process the booking at further cost to you. We understand findability and how to optimise your profit from Internet bookings, and do it at the lowest cost.

We design for all B&Bs, registered or unregistered and you don't have to be a member of the B&B Owners Association to take advantage of our expertise. However, there are added advantages:-

  • We offer a fixed price of €350 for design
  • First Year - Free hosting on our servers, free advertising on our network
  • COMMISSION FREE Profitable Bookings
  • As an advertiser, your website is included in our directories, portals and regional websites - this provides all important incoming links to your website - just one element in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that is not freely available elsewhere.
  • We can update old websites that don't render well on mobile devices.
  • We can design plain or ornate websites but would recommend simpler designs that work well on mobile phones or tablets.
  • We know what makes a B&B website work - that's our day job