Managing “No Shows” & Cancellations

By | January 9, 2020

Imagine this! It’s about midnight, and you’re about to call it a day but a specific guest who has made a reservation has not turned up. You’ve waited all day, but there’s been no communication from the guest. You realise that it’s a classic case of “no-show”, an increasingly common occurrence for B&B Owners. 

Dealing with issues that directly affect your profit margins is a significant challenge. As a B&B Owner, you are continuously trying to minimise cancellations, decrease commission and increase full-price bookings to maintain profitability. A “no-show’ or cancellation blow a big hole in your efforts, but at least B&B Owners that have a Stripe payment system have a safety net.

Here are five ways to ensure lesser cancellations and no-shows:

1. Check your cancellation policy

Your cancellation policy is attached to all confirmation emails automatically – you can change this at any time in your “My-BnB” dashboard >> Menu >> Bookings >> Terms & Conditions.

All bookings generated by the B&B Owners Association have a guest’s booking status page on, and the guest can read your terms and conditions anytime they wish.

Make sure that your customers are held responsible in case of a no-show. Include a deadline in your cancellation policy, before which your guests can cancel their bookings. If your terms are clear and a guest fails to show up, they are legally liable to pay you. 

2. Take Deposits when confirming a booking 

Guests are much less likely to cancel bookings or not show up if you take a deposit when confirming a booking. B&B Owners that have a stripe account can do this automatically with the “Confirm & Take Payment” button. Set up a percentage deposit >> Menu >> Account Settings >> Payment Settings. 

Another added advantage is that your bank account will be healthier year-round.

3. Send them reminders about their booking 

During 2020 we will gradually introduce several new booking reminder services for you to use – email, SMS text and automatic web notifications. Built into your dashboard, these facilities will automatically create a stronger booking experience and build customer confidence. However, until we finish these improvements, feel free to remind them by regular email or text.

4. Offer Discounts Blue Circle Club

This practice is another effective way to attract guests and reduce cancellations at your B&B. Blue Circle Club members are people that have registered, use our service regularly, and we have all their contact details. Promoted on Blue Circle Club in a special section, last-minute deals and special offers are also a reward for members.

5. Get in touch with guests when they don’t turn up

Always inform your guest that you will be taking payment as they failed to show up. Empathise with the guest but be firm – a “no show” impacts your revenue. 

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