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By | March 15, 2017

We have noticed a new phenomena since bookings have been enabled on smartphones.

This is one of  “Duplicate Bookings” – as far as we can tell this is due to poor data connections on G3 networks. Guests bookings are sent and stored but their phones are not updated quickly enough so they send another booking.

This should not affect B&B owners using the room availability calendar as the system will not allow guests to book a room that has already been booked. However, the old room rates system is still in use by quite a few members.

Why does this present a problem? Well what is happening is B&B Owners are declining duplicate bookings and this is leading to confusion. e.g.. guest receives 3 decline email and one acceptance.

We are working on a fix but if you receive duplicate bookings just accept/decline one of them and leave others untouched.

We have not seen any instance of double booking using the new room availability calendar and would advise members to activate this in the “Website Options” of the My B&B Admin panel. Log out / back in and click on Room Rates

This document will help you get started


One thought on “B&B Owners – Duplicate Bookings

  1. Caroine Maher

    When was the 5 Euro booking fee introduced to guests to make a booking via the web site for Silver members ? That booking fee is charged to the guests as an additional fee and taken from their cards at the time of booking and goes straight to you (BNB net work). I was always under the understanding that a booking fee and a % of the bookings was only charged to Gold members, not to Silver members. Also, I cant find on the administration web site any info about Gold and Silver membership, those pages are gone (404 page not found). Does that mean there is no more Gold and Silver membership and we are all now at the same level ?


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