Booking Cancellations

By | July 20, 2017

In the new Dashboard ( the way we handle cancelations is much improved. Both guests and B&B owners may cancel a booking  and for the most part, the work involved is minimal. The instances of how a booking can be canceled are:-

  1. A GUEST may cancel a booking by logging on to – this updates the B&B Owners booking system and puts a line through it in your dashboard – you can click on this and apply any cancellation charges that may apply using STRIPE.
  2. A GUEST may also cancel by telephone or email – in this case our booking system will not know – click on the booking in your dashboard and then click the button “Guest Cancellation” – this updates the booking system, updates your calendar and shows the room as available on your webpage/site.
  3. You, the B&B OWNER, may wish to cancel a booking due to personal circumstances – If so, click on “Emergency” in the Dashboard menu and then “Cancel Booking” select the booking you wish to cancel and click the orange “Cancel Booking” button – this updates the booking system and sends an email to your guest.

Hope this helps

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Michael – B&B Owners Association

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