Cancelling Bookings Updated & Simplified

By | July 22, 2019

Further to our recent post regarding cancellations, we have enhanced the system to make it much easier to use. (updated: 22 July 2019)

YOU may wish to cancel a booking that you previously confirmed

You can cancel for any of the following reasons

  • You stop providing Bed & Breakfast
  • Are closed due to illness or family bereavement
  • You have mistakenly confirmed “a booking” when you meant to decline it.
  • A more lucrative booking comes in for the rooms

ACTION: Log on to your dashboard >> Left Menu >> Emergency >> Cancel Bookings >> Click Booking >> Click the ORANGE Button “I need to Cancel this Booking”.

Click the Orange Button and the following will popup

The action above will update the bookings system and refund any booking fees automatically (takes 4-7 days to appear on guests Credit Card statement). Additionally, you may refund any deposits or payments you have taken by cliking the “go to your Stripe Dashboard” button.


If your GUEST wishes to cancel:

Guests are advised on booking to visit if THEY wish to cancel a booking. They should be very aware of the cancellation procedure if they read their booking details (On screen or the initial email we send).

However, some may be lazy, can’t read or are “Internet challenged” – they may phone or email you and expect you to handle the cancellation without a fuss. In this case……..
Log on to your dashboard

ACTION: Log on to your dashboard >> Left Menu >> Emergency >> Cancel Bookings >> Click Booking >> Click the RED Button “The Guest Wants to Cancel”.

Click the RED Button and the following will popup
They will be sent the following email

There they will find a form that automatically updates the booking system, releases the room in your calendar and informs you the booking is cancelled (also by email and text).

This new procedure will solve many problems and reduce your time & ours in dealing with cancellations manually.
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