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Stripe & Replaced Cards

Posted by mxs on 11th September 2018

The stripe payments system helps prevent credit card fraud and updates our guests’ card details when replaced through expiry or theft. However, you should take note of the following:-

  • In approximately 95% of cases, if a guests card is renewed or replaced between the time of booking and the date of arrival, Stripe will be aware of the new card number, and your payments will continue seamlessly.
  • We do not accept a or process a booking if a card is known to be stolen or used fraudulently, but if a card IS used fraudulently at the time of booking and it has not been detected by or reported to the card issuer, the card may be accepted, and a booking sent to you. TIP: B&B Owners should validate credit cards using their virtual terminal before or on the arrival of their guests, particularly if the reservation was made months before the date of arrival.
  • Debit Cards take funds directly from current accounts that towards the end of the month are often depleted of funds. TIP: Again the same advice check funds are available using the validate facility in the virtual terminal. It is often the case, that if you repeat the payment process at the beginning of the month, it will go through without a problem.
  • Guests that leave without paying or “No Shows”: Money is recoverable with one click as long as the card they store is valid and/or fund are available.


  • Take a deposit or full amount on confirming the booking – you can set the deposit % in your ‘My B&B’ dashboard in the account settings >> payment settings – once you have done this, taking a deposit is one-click process – Not only is this good practice, your bank manager will love you more as deposits for early bookings land in your account.
  • Check the validity of the card before the guest arrives – Simply select the booking in the arrivals section and click on the blue “Validate Card” button.
  • Be patient if a payment goes wrong – we are here to help and in most cases funds can be recovered.
  • The crooks are continually finding new ways use cards fraudulently so beware and if you are at all suspicious, ask us for help.

You may not see Stripe fraud prevention in action but this year alone it has refused the use of hundreds of cards for B&B owners. The payments cards industry (PCI) is tightening its grip on those unscrupulous individuals that steal credit card details.

Payment for “No Shows”

Posted by mxs on 6th August 2018

We have had some members telephoning about taking payment for “no shows”.

  • If you have registered for a Stripe account, you can click the “No Show” button and to take the money owed under your terms and conditions. The money owed is nearly always recovered unless the card is fraudulent. If the card has insufficient funds you can try again later.
  • If you have NOT registered for Stripe – you can usually register and recover the money owed from a “No Show”.  As a safeguard, Stripe stores all guests credit cards for every booking, regardless of whether a B&B has registered or not. If you need help, please call or email support@bnbowners.
  • Additionally, you can take payment for guests that leave without paying as long as the card stored is valid.


Using Stripe, our booking system has spotted and refused bookings from over 40 fraudulent card users this year, but please NOTE!

  • Good practice: Take payment using your virtual terminal on ARRIVAL
  • Consider taking deposits (or full amount) at the time of booking to deter cancellations and “no shows”.
  • The fraudulent use of cards is most prevalent in the winter months for long-term bookings – please check the validity of cards for long-term bookings using your virtual terminal nearer the arrival date. A valid stolen card may be valid for a short period until reported and thieves take advantage of this to make bookings.
  • If you are at all suspicious use your virtual terminal to validate a card at any time (no charge) click the box “Validate Only.”

iPhone Terminal Shortcut

Posted by mxs on 25th July 2018

Using your iPhone as a credit card terminal
Members have asked how to add the My B&B Virtual Terminal to the home screens of their iPhones. We have now placed an icon on the server to allow this and here are the steps to set it up.

Touch  to launch to Safari browser on your iPhone and type in


Touch the square box with up arrow







Scroll until you see add to Home Screen








Touch to Add


and the shortcut appears on your Home Page.

You can now touch the icon to launch the virtual terminal

You can use the terminal anywhere you have a signal or connection to Wifi

No monthly charges

A great benefit to B&B Owners Association Members




Simple to use and FREE to use






Email questions to






Another first for B&B Owners

Posted by mxs on 7th June 2018

Guests can now use the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Microsoft Pay to make a booking.
This allows them to make a booking without having to enter their credit card details, speeding up the process on their mobile phones. This provides our members with even more security.

This is the first stage in the development of our one-click booking system.




Using the STRIPE terminal on your smartphone

Posted by mxs on 3rd May 2018

We’ve had a few phone calls and emails asking how to use the STRIPE terminal on your smartphone –  so we’ve made it a little easier.

Just logon to on your phone and you can then carry out ANY credit card transactions on your phone.






Associate Members Commission

Posted by mxs on 5th February 2018No Comments

Due to the increased cost of ensuring our servers are secure and safe for credit card transactions, the level of commission on bookings we charge our Associate Members will go up to 7% on the 12th of February.
We now meet the latest requirements of the Payments Card Industry (PCI) and our payments service provider ‘Stripe’.
Full Members are not affected by this change and will continue to receive commission-free and gross value bookings.

Our payments system has prevented over 300 attempts to pay fraudulently in the past year – one guest tried six different cards before they gave in trying to book. This protects our B&B Owners against fraud and ensures payment using our Virtual Terminal.

STRIPE Virtual Terminal

Posted by mxs on 18th November 2017No Comments

An event quietly passed this week nearly un-noticed.

B&B Owners Members in Ireland have now processed over One Million Euros through their Stripe Virtual Terminals and has trapped the fraudulent use credit cards over 100 times this year

Our decision to integrate the virtual terminal into the “My B&B Dashboard” has truly revolutionised the taking of payments for accommodation – No PCI requirement, one-click payment, and taking payment for “no shows” and you can even use it on your mobile phone.

It costs nothing to register for Stripe, takes just 2 mins – Just go to the Stripe Section of your dashboard for more info – if you don’t use it, it cost nothing but is there for emergencies such as “no shows” or guest leaving without payment.

Currently, B&B Owners Association members in the following countries can sign up for free.


STRIPE Payments terminal on your smartphone

Posted by mxs on 24th July 2017No Comments

Using your smartphone Internet browser (Safari or Chrome) log on to and tap on STRIPE in the menu.

This displays your STRIPE Virtual Terminal

  • You can then use you smartphone as a credit card terminal – use it anywhere you have a WiFi or phone signal
  • There are NO monthly charges and can replace your costly electronic terminal
  • The terminal automatically checks for fraudulent, lost or stolen cards, providing you with a high level of security
  • Take payment for anything not just bookings – i.e. packed lunch, bike hire or extras
  • Type in a B&B Owners Association Booking Reference Number and the terminal will take payment with one click
  • Makes life even easier for collecting payment for No Shows” or from those walking out without paying
  • From the bookings section you can take payment without typing in credit card details – same as on a laptop or PC
  • Use it to validate a guests card prior to arrival or for bookings placed months before arrival

This all part of our aim to cut the cost of bookings and processing payments from guests


STRIPE Payment Gateway – How is it?

Posted by mxs on 2nd November 20162 Comments

The Stripe payments system has be installed for 3 years now and we’re very keen to hear feed back from our members on its good points and bad points.
Please add your comments to this post either negative or positive on how you find using it.
Also for those that have not added the STRIPE Payment Gateway to the admin panel, we welcome any questions on the benefits of STRIPE and how easy it is to use.
It costs nothing to apply and there are no monthly charges – don’t use it and it costs you nothing.
paymentsbystripeThe single benefit that members have stated in feedback is how transparent it is in use – allowing them to take full amount, deposit or balance with just one click.
The virtual terminal is also a favourite, allowing all members to take payment by credit card without the need for a merchant account or PCI compliance.