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Another first for B&B Owners

Posted by mxs on 7th June 2018

Guests can now use the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Microsoft Pay to make a booking.
This allow them to make a booking without having to enter their credit card details, speeding up the process on their mobile phones. This provides our members with even more security.

This is just stage one in the developement of our one click booking system.


B&B owners – NOTIFICATION OF BOOKINGS and Other News

Posted by mxs on 14th August 2017No Comments


We now notify that a booking has arrived in 3 different ways

  1. BY EMAIL – not the most reliable
  2. BY SMS TEXT – not available in all countries
  3. BY PUSH TECHNOLOGY – if you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers to surf the web, you will receive a notification that a booking has arrived (Sadly not available on Apple Safari browser at this time) – when you logon to My B&B you will be asked if you wish to receive Push Notifications – approve if you wish to use this facility

Always the best way is to “Bookmark” in you browser and check bookings daily.

Always process bookings in My B&B FIRST as these will most likely carry the lowest commission and for full members they are commission free.


The old admin panel will not be supported for much longer but you may continue to use it if you prefer.

When you login to MY B&B you will automagically be taken to to the new dashboard but you can click on “Use Classic Dashboard” at the top right of the page


The new Rooms & Rates calendar has been carefully designed to be backwards compatible with the old system. As long as the rooms are setup correctly and any single occupancy allocated to a double or twin room – the system will work much the same as it did before except when you confirm a booking it will show that room(s) as “Sold” – If you’re short of time, there is no need to add 3rd party bookings, these rooms will stay “Unsold” until you get a booking request and will show as “Sold” if you DECLINE the booking. You can add any booking manually to any room simply by clicking on the “Bed Night” (Room/date).

If you need help or find any part of the new system a little unclear please email us on – If you need telephone support we can now show you how to carry out a function on our website whilst we talk to you.




B&B Owners – Duplicate Bookings

Posted by mxs on 15th March 2017One Comment

We have noticed a new phenomena since bookings have been enabled on smartphones.

This is one of  “Duplicate Bookings” – as far as we can tell this is due to poor data connections on G3 networks. Guests bookings are sent and stored but their phones are not updated quickly enough so they send another booking.

This should not affect B&B owners using the room availability calendar as the system will not allow guests to book a room that has already been booked. However, the old room rates system is still in use by quite a few members.

Why does this present a problem? Well what is happening is B&B Owners are declining duplicate bookings and this is leading to confusion. e.g.. guest receives 3 decline email and one acceptance.

We are working on a fix but if you receive duplicate bookings just accept/decline one of them and leave others untouched.

We have not seen any instance of double booking using the new room availability calendar and would advise members to activate this in the “Website Options” of the My B&B Admin panel. Log out / back in and click on Room Rates

This document will help you get started

2 Important updates to your admin panel

Posted by mxs on 3rd January 2017One Comment

We have now modified the My B&B admin panel ( so that bookings can be managed in two extra ways.

  1. If you wish to cancel a previously confirmed booking for personal reasons
  2. If a guest cancels by phone or email unknown to us

Click on any booking and these two additional buttons will appear

  • The “Cancel Booking” button will remove the booking from your list, present you with an email to explain and refund any booking fees involved to the guest.
  • Guests often cancel by phone or email instead of using the cancellation facility on their booking status page ( – to update your booking/calendar and tell the booking system of the cancellation – click the “Guest Cancellation” – If a guest cancels they have been informed that booking fees will not be refunded. Since we introduced this in our terms, cancellations are now a fraction of what they were.

New Room Rate & Booking System

Posted by mxs on 4th November 2016No Comments

In addition to the new website designs for Full Members, we have been working on making our room availability module work for ALL members both Full and Associate.

  • Displays Availability of every room in your B&B / Guesthouse
  • Rooms can be displayed by number or name eg. Room 3 or The Lilac Room
  • Rooms can be added or removed with a few clicks
  • Bookings from 3rd parties are easily added by clicking on the calendar allowing your website to display true availability
  • Your daily guests arrivals & departures are displayed and those with STRIPE can collect payment with one click
  • Bookings can be confirmed either automatically or manually (single click) as is the current practice
  • Last Minute Deals: Any bednight can be discounted by a fixed amount or % and will be displayed as a Last Minute Deal if not sold 15 days before arrival date – additionally all rooms can be discounted if not sold 15 days before arrival date
  • Special Offers: Can be displayed for multiple night stay or Special Events or Occasions (e.g. multiple nights can be discounted or for Events rates increased)
  • Last Minute Deals & Special Offers are syndicated to all our websites and our Red Dot Deals website
  • Minimum Nights Stay: All rooms can be allocated a minimum night stay
  • Website shows changes to availability instantly and automatically
  • Double, Triple or Family rooms can be offered with under occupancy rate e.g. Single Occupancy
  • Advance the Calendar by Day, Week, Month and Year to view overall occupancy
  • List all Current Bookings


To use the facility on your webpage or website click on Website Option at the top of your “My B&B” admin panel, select ‘Room Allocation” – then log out and log back in – click “Rooms & Rates” and you’ll see the Calendar inviting you to add your first room – click the ‘+’ sign to add more rooms.


Tips for users of the new Booking Engine

Posted by mxs on 26th April 2016No Comments

For those of you that have adopted the new booking engine / availability module here are a few tips to help you get the best out of the booking system and help with profitability.

Showing true availability on your own website will result in more direct & profitable bookings.

  1. SEASONAL & WEEKEND RATES: To set up seasonal rates – go to Room & Rates and click on the date you want the new rate to start >> click the blue tab “Rate & Discount” >> You can then change the rate (or apply a discount) for one day or period >> if for a period clock “End Date” and select the date. You can also apply this to certain days of the week by selecting them at the bottom (green is active) – e.g. you could set a new rat for July say and just apply the new rate to Fridays or Saturdays. This can also be used if you wish to increase your rates temporarily for local events. In this setup you can also apply a minimum nights stay e.g.. for public holidays or long weekends.
  2. AVOIDING DOUBLE BOOKINGS: If your website shows availability using this calendar, bookings will be confirmed immediately and automatically saving you loads of time. However, it is essential to add bookings from 3rd parties so these rooms are show as sold on your website. We have made this process as simple as possible. Using the same procedure as above >> go to Rooms & Rates and click on the date >> the booking tab comes up >> enter the departure date (if booking for more than one night) and type in the Guests name as a minimum. This will show that room as sold and include that Guest in your daily arrivals and departures list. Those owners with STRIPE accounts cannot take payment with one click for 3rd party booking but can use the Virtual Terminal to take payment.
  3. LAST MINUTE DEALS: Automatic discounting for unsold rooms – a fixed discount (your choice) can be applied to all room rates for rooms that are not sold 15 days prior to arrival. B&B Owners using this facility are marked with a red last minute tag on all of our directories, portals and regional websites. To switch this facility on go to “Website Options” and click on “Auto Discount” type in you discount rate and this will be applied automatically throughout the year.
  4. We now have a short line of code for those wishing to use the new booking engine on independent websites. Please email if you would like this code.


Setting up the new Room Availability Module

Room Availability

Room Availability

Posted by mxs on 23rd November 2015No Comments

Definition: “Bed Night” = a room on a specific night or date
Those members that use the new Room Availability Module should note that bookings from 3rd parties are easily added to you calendar by simply clicking on a “bed night” in the calendar and adding at least the guests name.
This will ensure that your real availability is always shown on your website (full members) and on your webpage (Associate members)

By clicking the “bed night” you can also:-

  • Add a booking received by by telephone, email or fax
  • block off dates for any or all rooms for a single day or period e.g. you may be closed over Christmas
  • Apply discounts or special rates to any “bed nights” e.g. Major event in the locality

Additionally, in your website options you can apply an automatic discount to a “bed night” if it is not sold prior to an arrival date 15 days hence (This is displayed as a Last Minute Deal)

We are working on a full tutorial for this new booking engine but if you have any questions email

Setting up the new Room Availability Module

Posted by mxs on 19th November 2015One Comment

Both Full and Associate members can now show Room Availability – to set this up follow the instructions below.

Logon to your admin panel

Top Menu >> Marketing Tools >> Website Options >> Room Allocation >> YES >> Click the Blue “Save Website Options” button
Top Menu >> Rooms & Rates >> a form appears to set up your first room >> when finished click the + sign to add more rooms
Changes are immediately shown on your webpage.

Top Menu >> Website Options >> Room Allocation >> YES >> Click the Blue “Save Website Options” button
Top Menu >> Rooms & Rates >> a form appears to set up your first room >> when finished click the + sign to add more rooms
Changes are immediately shown on your website.

An example of Full Members website rates display can be found here
3rd party bookings are added simply by clicking on the bed night in the new calendar – your website / webpage always displays your availability.

Need help?